10 Of The Greatest Memory-boosting Foods For Exams

Studying for end-of-calendar year exams and have to fuel your mind? Power up your focus and thinking electricity with these energy-rich food.

  1. End your tummy rumbling in the middle of an exam by consuming, pre-exam, a tub of protein-rich reduced-fat yoghurt.
  2. Nibble on trail mixture - the nuts provide iron and zinc for sharper memory, while the dried fruit will satisfy sweet cravings.
  3. When sugar cravings strike, opt for a little bit of fruit - chances are it will satisfy equally well as a kilojoule-laden chocolate bar.
  4. A small plate of low-GI oats with trim milk delivers long-lasting strength, staving off food cravings and fatigue.
  5. Also anxious to handle solid food? Sip on a Sanitarium UP&GO Reduced Glucose, which provides hunger-busting health proteins and fibre.
  6. Wholegrain toast with peanut butter gives low-GI carbs and B vitamin supplements for energy, and healthy fats to bolster human brain function. It’s an absolute pre- or post-analysis snack.
  7. The healthy omega-3 fat in a can of salmon are linked to better human brain function, and it’s a considerable snack.
  8. A milky espresso provides a caffeine stimulant for alertness and also protein for satiety. (Obviously, not just one for the caffeine-sensitive.)
  9. Stay hydrated - a report found that pupils who sipped water during an examination performed five % better than those that didn’t.
  10. Hard-boiled eggs are filling and portable, and filled with choline, a nutrient that’s connected with storage and mental alertness.

Brain-boosting tactics

It’s not just what you eat but when you eat that’s important. Leading up your energy source by eating foods offering long-lasting energy (certainly not sugary snack foods). If your exam is in the morning, make period to sit back for an effective breakfast. If you’re learning in the after noon, have a light but gratify ing lunch. Anything too heavy could leave you feeling sleepy!